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About Christian Business Marketplace

Eric and Beth Boen founded Christian Business Marketplace with one goal in mind: to glorify God and spread the gospel in the Christian business marketplace by promoting Christian values in the marketplace and encouraging people to do business with Christian-owned companies.

Their journey has been an amazing one and they are on fire to spread the gospel. Beth and Eric both wanted to use their God-given talents to glorify God and spread the gospel. They prayed about how to do this for months. Eric's background as a software architect and web developer, combined with Beth's talent for marketing was the ideal fit to start the Christian Business Marketplace, and God planted the idea to do this.

Beth was given the idea of starting an online Christian business directory after researching ways she could advertise her Christian-owned marketing firm on the internet to other Christians. Not finding anything other than a few existing online directories at high prices with low benefits, she realized the Christian Business Marketplace could be something really different.

Beth and Eric continued to pray on this idea and listened to the signs from God. They continued with a plan to start this new online directory. One Saturday they were in the process of naming the directory. They prayed for God’s direction on this matter. They bounced many names back and forth. At the end of the brainstorm, the name Christian Business Marketplace was decided with no doubts in their mind.

The next morning at church, a missionary gave a sermon on using one's God given talents in their jobs to spread the gospel. He said not everyone is meant to be a missionary in the traditional sense, but we can be missionaries in God’s “marketplace” using our talents and jobs to spread the gospel. Eric and Beth knew at that moment that the path they were taking and the name for the company was being directed by God.

Xmas Boen Fam 2011CroppedBeth and Eric have donated all their time to get the Christian Business Marketplace launched. Additionally, they have made a commitment to donate 10% to the missionary work worldwide, with the remaining net revenues going toward advertising the Christian Business Marketplace online directory.

Beth and Eric have an eight year old son, Ethan and two huskies, Kodiak and Shasta. They attend Foothills Bible Church in Littleton, CO.