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Christian Customer Service Standards

Per Christian Business Marketplace's Christian Business Code of Ethics, item 1, all business members agree to provide exceptional customer service and to do whatever they can, within reason, to resolve customer complaints and concerns. Below are Christian Customer Service Standards that Christian Business Marketplace asks all members to agree.

  1. Business will make a practice to return all phone calls, emails, and web inquiries the same business day they are received, but not later than the next business day.

  2. When providing customers with timelines for appointments, estimates and/or work completion, business member agrees to meet or exceed those timelines. Business member should adopt a culture to under promise and over deliver to the customer.

  3. When a customer is angry, members will practice empathy and active listening to understand the customer's problems.

  4. Business members agree to practice excellent etiquette in regards to any kind of communication (phone, in-person, e-mail, voice mail, and texting).

  5. Business members agree to promote a positive, courteous and helpful attitude to its customers.