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The Voice Customer Service Training

Owner(s): Beth Boen

About Us:

Beth Boen, Founder of The VOICE Customer Service Training and CreativeXchange Marketing has developed a unique, participative, comprehensive and customizable customer service training workshop that earns companies valuable word-of-mouth advertising and repeat business.

Beth's 27 years of experience spans across various industries in roles where providing exceptional customer service played a large part in the sales and marketing of the corporations she was employed.

 The Voice Customer Service Training was developed with this in mind:

  1. Excellent customer service will increase sales and provide a higher return on investment for marketing.
  2. Without excellent sales follow up and follow through, quality products and services, and customer service, companies can be spending twice as much on marketing with half the results.

Unlike many other customer service training programs, The VOICE Customer Service Training offers a customizable program by identifying training needs and creating a curriculum to support those needs.

When did you start your business?

The Voice Customer Service Training was developed in 2005.

What made you decide to open this business?

I am absolutely committed to providing the best customer service possible.  I see so many sales being lost due to poor follow up and follow through.  Additionally, so many businesses don't do a good job retaining customers by not taking care of problems when they happen.  By simply owning up to our mistakes (we're not perfect) and having humility, we can fix customer complaints before losing them and having that customer go and bad-mouth our business.

Because of my desire to help businesses grow, I started this business as a product of my marketing firm.  Businesses can spend thousands of dollars marketing, get leads from the marketing, but not convert inquiries to sales, because of poor customer service (often times they don't even know their employees are providing poor customer service).

Additionally, studies tell us that it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

I work with companies to take a holistic approach to their marketing, sales and customer service.  If exceptional customer service is lacking, a company could spend twice the money in marketing than a company who does provide exceptional customer service.

What do you enjoy most about serving your customers, clients or patients?

Customer service is my passion.  I love helping companies grow their business through exceptional customer service and strategic marketing.

Do you have any success stories you would like to share?

We have many testimonials from our clients on our website.  Additionally, we always have participants in the class fill out annonymous evaluation forms (so they can say anything they want).  We have always received excellent reviews from participants, telling us how much they learned and enjoyed the training.

Would you like to share your testimony?

I am on fire to spread the gospel and glorify God.  I was born and raised a Jehovah's Witness, but am no longer, thanks to God showing me the truth.  I always knew there was something not quite right, but it took me until 2010 when I realized that many of the religion's doctrines were not in accordance with the Bible.  I started attending Foothills Bible Church right away and a few weeks later, I came to Christ - surrendering to Him and accepting Him as my Savior.

I still have my Jehovah's Witness Bible and have colored tabs coming out the side of the Bible of more than 60 scriptures in their own Bible that disprove their own doctrines.  Even with that great visual to show my mother and sister, I have lost them.  They have disowned me as the religion teaches them to do.  I pray for them daily that they will find the truth and that God will soften their hearts and open their eyes.

My goal everyday is to share what God has taught me with whoever wants to know more.

Do you recommend supporting any missions or ministries and why?

Locally, we like to recommend Denver Rescue Mission and Open Door Ministries.