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About Us:

We simply help families, businesses, and charitable institutions manage risk and build wealth. We are guided by the following principles. We understand that God owns it all, and that we are simply managers of His resources. We believe that the financial decisions we make can be spiritual acts of worship, so we come alongside our clients as advocates and counselors to this end. We claim to give comprehensive, prudent advice from a biblical perspective. We don’t claim to be perfect, or claim to know it all. What we don’t know, we know where to find the answers. We don’t sell products, but instead we use the tools we have to solve problems. And most importantly, we understanding that we need the Gospel, the good news of Christ, and we strive to show grace and love to our clients as Christ showed us.

When did you start your business?

Since 1983.

What made you decide to open this business?

I am blessed to have been born into this business as a successor to a great legacy whose work isn’t finished. The business was originally founded by my father, G Perry Curtis, who still serves as our Senior Vice President of Investments, and PIM Portfolio Manager. Perry started the business simply to provide an honest living for his family. Somewhere along the way, God transformed our business into something beyond a vehicle to provide, but instead a specific instrument for Kingdom causes. After 30 years, as cheesy as this may sound, we are in business to change the world, one relationship at a time, by helping people and organizations practice and implement better stewardship in their financial decisions.

What do you enjoy most about serving your customers, clients or patients?

What I enjoy most in serving our customers is helping them find their passions, and designing a unique plan that helps them better utilize what God has given them to change the world, in the areas that God has placed on their hearts.

Do you recommend supporting any missions or ministries and why?

We believe that anyone living in the United States is wealthy compared to the world’s standards. The question to ask ourselves is why are we so blessed to live in the United States? We always will recommend supporting missions and ministries because we believe that we are called to give as Christians. We don’t believe giving is merely a duty, but a special gift that God allows us to experience. As a group, we naturally align our hearts with our client’s hearts, to support the causes they care for by helping them figure out how to give more to the missions and ministries they care about, without sacrificing other important priorities. We don’t believe that our government is the best steward of God’s resources, so we implore highly sophisticated strategies designed to pass on greater amounts of wealth to our client’s heirs and causes that touch their hearts, and nothing to the government. Personally, I believe in supporting my local church, youth ministry, and larger concepts like microfinance that help alleviate extreme poverty.