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Colorado Environmental Resources

6428 S. Quebec Street
Centennial, Colorado 80111

Colorado Environmental Resources offers a full line of water treatment and purification equipment with one of the best warranties in the industry. C.E.R. provides complementary water testing so you can educate yourself on your water.

Water, as found in nature, will always have some substances dissolved in it. It will always have the potential to have particles suspended in it. It will always have the potential to be a suitable home to disease causing organisms. This is true of “fresh” mountain streams, well water, and even municipally treated water systems. To achieve “pure water”, or anything close to that goal, water must be filtered or treated in some way.

Water pollution and contamination are issues that have been attracting more and more attention. We feel that education is the first element in doing something for your water quality. The more you truly understand about you and your families (or business) water quality, the better.

By transforming your tap water into clean, great tasting water you will save money on bottled water and eliminate the need for harsh chemicals in your home. You and your family can bathe in water free of the drying and harmful effects of chlorine or chloramines. Your hair will be smoother, more manageable and your skin softer.

What is your water doing for you?