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Renewed Life Counseling & Coaching
5860 South Curtice Street
Littleton, Colorado 80120

Attends Church at Valley View Christian Church in Littleton

Owner(s)Suzanne B. Simpson, M. Ed., LPC, BCC

If you are tired of just talking about your problems and ready to receive some long lasting help, Renewed Life Counseling may be the place for you. We are designed to provide Christian counseling, coaching, and healing methods for navigating through the emotional challenges that many times seem too big to handle without a trained professional.  Suzanne Simpson, Licensed Therapist and Life Coach will help those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, marital discord, low self-esteem, unwanted weight gain, or stress related symptoms. Through this counseling we draw from over 25 years of experience so you will:

  • Feel more self-assured and confident
  • Let go of the fears that control you
  • Feel  more vibrant and healthy
  • Learn that your emotions don't have to control you
  • Bring more lasting change in your life

We can start this process by offering an initial 30 minute discovery session to determine if this is a good fit for you to begin working together.

One of our specialties is weight loss and health related symptoms.  We can offer nutrition assessments and counseling that will identify the emotional roots of weight issues that is not being offered by traditional weight loss programs. In addition, we can do wellness programs for small business and associations that want help with employee retention and absenteeism.

Transformed Lives Christian Counseling
10090 Garrison Street, Suite 106
Westminster, Colorado 80021

Owner(s)Denice MacKenzie