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Common Ground International
1624 Market St. Ste 202
Denver, Colorado 80202
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Owner(s)Rory Foster

Common Ground International is a Spanish/English language solutions company based in Colorado that views language as a practical skill for working and emerging professionals.

Common Ground International, LLC provides professional and industry-specific Spanish and English Language services to individuals, professionals, and organizations. We help our clients remove the language and culture gaps that exist in the workplace, so that our clients can operate more productively and efficiently.

We specialize in Spanish Immersion training, high school Spanish tutoring, professional industry specific Spanish training, English courses, translating and interpreting services.

Contact us today for any of your Spanish or English training needs, or visit our website for more information.

Colorado Christian University - College of Adult and Graduate Studies
8787 W. AlamedaAve.
Lakewood, Colorado 80226
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For adults who are interested in completing a degree, or just want to continue their education by taking classes, CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers a variety of flexible educational opportunities including bachelor’s degree programs that open new doors for your career, associate degree programs to help you build a strong foundation, and certificate programs to give you that extra edge.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree and are interested in taking your education to the next level, CCU offers rigorous master’s degree programs in business, counseling, education, and organizational leadership that combine textbook knowledge and research with experimental learning opportunities that draw from your professional experience. Our Colorado graduate school faculty members bring scholarship and experience alive in the classroom, applying a wealth of academic and professional experience, affording you the advantages of real-life, biblical perspectives while you learn.

In addition to small class sizes that enable you to network and connect with other adult students, the adult degree completion programs at CCU help you achieve your educational goals by giving you the opportunity to attend classes online or in the evenings at several convenient Colorado locations.