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Attends Church at Foothills Bible Church

Owner(s)Trish Stephen

Trish Treasures creates beautiful fiber art wall hangings and other fiber art products like baby quilts.  Using a fiber art technique called quilting, layers of fabric are sewn together. Although this technique has not been around for as long as weaving, it is a popular form of art in American history. Quilted fiber art wall hangings have become popular with art collectors. This non-traditional form often features bold designs.

Trish Stephen is a mixed media artist. “Although I work in other mediums, fiber is my medium of choice – all sorts of fibers. Textile, metal, plastic, there really aren’t any rules!  My favorite ‘color’ is vibrant!”

Her pieces are in private collections across the United States. Her work has also shown in juried exhibits – Lakewood Arts Council as well as 40West Arts in Lakewood, CO.  

She lives in Arvada, CO with her husband of 24 years and their 2 cats. She has quilted for many years, making baby quilts and wall hangings.

“My inspiration comes from my Creator - the Great Artist and being out in His creation! I desire to glorify His name with the works of my hands and heart.”

Each art piece Trish creates is prayed over.  God knows who will see it, and who it is going to be sold to before needle is put to fabric!