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MissionaryPeggy Sperling

We were invited into China and Mali, Africa in cooperation with high level officials. In China, we train leaders in the areas of business, ministry & women's ministry. I lead teams of (primarily) women and have provided training to over 4,000 in 12 trips over 4 years. We are blessed to work with the Church in revival in China and in March 2014 will open a new city!

Additionally, I speak and teach in the US for women's gatherings, church gatherings and teach how to share one's faith using a beautifully, God-inspired tool, "Story Jewelry":

We have held training in many China businesses: Anadarko Petroleum, Price Waterhouse, plus Real Estate, Insurance and furniture companies. Additionally, have held training at Operation Blessing/CBN.

Spiritual Hostages

Owner(s)Beth Boen

Spiritual Hostages is a ministry to help those who are former Jehovah's Witnesses, those with questions about Jehovah's Witnesses and for those who are in the religion, but may be having doubts or questions about the religion.

Our ministry and website uses the Jehovah's Witness Bible and Watchtower Bible and Tract Society publications to show the inconsistencies in the religion's teachings and their many false predictions of the end coming. If they are as they claim, the only one true religion and God's earthly spirit-directed organization, why are there so many false predictions, flip-flops and teachings that contradict God's word?

We teach people the truth using just the Bible.  And, we can show a Jehovah's Witness from their Bible all the inaccuracies they have been taught by the religion.  Please visit our website.