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Pediatric Effective Elimination Program Clinic & Consulting, PC
10830 W 63rd Ave Unit A
Arvada, Colorado 80004

Owner(s)MiChelle McGarry

Pediatric Effective Elimination Program (PEEP) helps children with any kind of pooping or peeing problems.  Dysfunctional elimination is a common concern of parents. Dysfunctional elimination is the basic problem underlying a number of very common diagnoses related to poop and peeing problems. Issues like bedwetting, daytime wetting, urinary tract infections, constipation, poop leakage and pain when peeing are some of the diagnoses that are caused by dysfunctional elimination.

The majority of the time, these problems are not caused by a physical, but rather a functional problem with the pooping and peeing systems. In general, the majority of children who struggle with these problems are expert holders of poop and pee. These particular issues are very hard and frustrating for patients and families. The majority of kids and their parents have been dealing with the frustrations and concerns for an average of 3 years before they begin to look for help.

As an MSN RN CPNP CUNP, I am certified as both a pediatric and urology nurse practitioner. I have been a PNP since 1993 and specialized in pediatric urology since 2000. If you are ready to find help, I have a 90% success rate - the highest in the country.  I give all the credit for this success to God and I am ready to help your child.  Contact me to confidentially discuss your conerns.