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Pet Scoop
1500 W. Cedar Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80223
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Owner(s)Sam Johnson

Since 1994, Pet Scoop pooper scooper service in Denver, has specialized in eliminating the hassle of dog poop clean up and removal from residential yards and commercial communities. 

As a result of Pet Scoop’s exceptional customer service and reputation, they have grown to be the largest pooper scooper company in Colorado. Because of their size and efficiency, they are able to offer the most competitive pricing in Denver.

Whether you just don’t have time to pick up dog poop, or you would enjoy the convenience of having Denver’s most reliable pooper scooper service, our team of professional poop scooping technicians will leave your yard renewed and free of dog waste. We are fully insured and have employees who have been drug tested and background checked.

Pet Scoop’s services include residential pooper scooper service, commercial property dog waste management, including PooPrints dog DNA testing and pet station management, and a “waste not” up-cycle program which uses bio-degradable bags and composts dog waste.

Visit our website or contact us today for more information on our services and prices.